Somehow I keep leaving this thing that I love… this outlet.  I may not be the best writer, but there are some issues in the world of healthcare, nursing, education, etc. that need to be discussed.
I also just need an outlet.

I would gladly take topic suggestions.

I would like to hear from NP educators on topics they are struggling with and how we need to get some larger movement on them.

I would like to hear from bedside nurses on why you are leaving the bedside for higher education and what you find there.

Or hear from any of my nurse, NP, or parent pals.  How’s life? What are you dealing with.

I know daily I am strugglig to raise young adults and teenagers, in caring too much about work, in letting go of wanting perfection in my work and in others (and self). I also am in a torid love affair with coffee and my swiffer mop.  I love them both so much… please never leave me either of you.

I promise to write more later… perhaps just about me and what I am learning in life (something new every day).

Hugs and compasion to each of you… we need more of that.