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Hey there nurses, APRNs, and healthcare fanatics! This week’s post is just a conglomeration of what was on my mind.


My daughter passed along a book she was required to read for English this year.  Wonder, by R.J. Palacio is something I’m convinced all mom’s, kids, dad’s, and even nurses who deal with pediatric patients should read. I laughed, cried, talked out loud to the pages of the book, and overall thoroughly enjoyed this read on the journeys of a boy with facial deformities, his family, and his friends.  A quick read, I read it in three 1 hour sessions… find it here.

The Women’s March


I inadvertently ended up at the West Palm Beach women’s march a week ago and it was one of the most inspiring things I have seen my entire life.  All ages, genders, races, religions, of people came together in peace to improve the rights and healthcare access of women of all ages.  It was beautiful. It was peaceful. It was full of acceptance, love, open thought, and togetherness.  It was a place I found several nurses. Its definitely a place nurses need to be, not just on the day of the march, but every day. It gave me hope for the future for my daughter and my patients.

Healthcare in the News

This week the healthcare news was quite interesting from outbreaks to underestimates.  Here are a few important notes that you might have missed in all the political discussions/news: