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I couldn’t stand it. I need to write, even if I am no good and in fact precisely because I am no good and have failed before.

I’m writing again! Thank GOD I am writing again! How good that feels to type!!!!

I’m writing not because I think what I have to say is particularly meaningful, but because I have my own crap to work out… because I need answers from you who have experience, wisdom, thoughts, and are open to dialoging with me… because 140 characters is not enough… because there are many things that deserve my thought and attention in a patient and pensive way… because I need to work on being open… because I need to explore, create, and expand, while learning to be thoughtful and parsimonious… because words continue to woo me with their light, malleability, power to affect both the heart and mind… because there is too much fake news and too much anger in the world and I just need to find that there is still kindness, humanity, and peace out there… because learning to love yourself and learning from failure are important, albeit difficult… because the click of the keys as I type is intoxicating, soothing, and yet meditative.

I’ve failed at many things. I have learned more from failing than succeeding. Those of you who followed nursestory.com I thank you. The tragic story of the blog’s end is one that will stay where it needs to be, locked quietly away with the other journals, letters, cards, and writings that any person makes. Perhaps some of the better posts will show up again here. Perhaps not. Either way, failure will be guaranteed in some form and from that I will continue to learn. Will you join me in failure? In learning? In the journey?